Personal Training

Discover ass-kicking, result-based personal training and coaching designed to create breakthrough results in your strength, endurance, body image and self confidence goals!

Train online, in person, or take a combination approach.  You get a personalized program including exercise, cardio, stretching, nutrition, along with accountability structures and coaching to achieve breakthrough results for your goals!

All Personal Training Programs include

  • Fitness assessment & goal planning session

  • Mobility, stability and movement assessments

  • Mobility, stability and movement clinics

  • Personalized exercise program*

  • Personalized cardio program

  • Personalized stretching program

  • Personalized macronutrient nutrition program

  • Macronutrient monitoring

  • Nutrition education materials

  • Weigh-ins, progress pictures & measurements

  • Program monitoring, check-ins & reassessments

  • Healthy Living Warrior Training App

  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer

  • Chief-Ass-Kicker services for motivation & support

*Including solo workouts for between your trainer sessions

How It Works

For breakthrough results, we recommend 2-3 sessions with your trainer each week.

Warrior training sessions are held at

  • Hone Fitness at Yonge & Issabella (no membership required)

  • Church Street area parks, green spaces & school yards

  • Woodbine & Cherry Beach

Take on additional solo workouts & cardio sessions at any facility you choose.

Online Training

4-week training subscription

Get your fully personalized program online in the Warrior Training App. Workout on your own, with ongoing video, phone, and text based coaching and support from a personal trainer.

$50 weekly investment

1:1 Studio Training

Weekly training subscription

Get your fully personalized program with coaching and support during your 1:1 personal training sessions in a fully equipped studio space.

1:1 session pricing $70 - $90 / hr

$90 - $280 weekly investment

1:1 Outdoor Training

Weekly training subscription

Get your fully personalized program with coaching and support during your 1:1 personal training sessions in the great outdoors. All outdoor workout equipment for your sessions is supplied by your trainer.

1:1 session pricing $70 - $90 / hr

$90 - $280 weekly investment

Questions ???

Not sure which program is right for you?

Would some other combination of online and in-person  training support you to achieve your goals?

Book your Free Consultation call to create your breakthrough package with a personal trainer.  


Workout Programs

Just Getting Started? 

Looking for a Self Guided Program? 

What's Your Goal?

Healthy Living Warriors are the physical expression of healthy eating, strength, speed, endurance and skill.  


We've broken these elements down into 3 self-guided workout programs for you to get started.

Each program includes milestones to monitor your fitness and inform the next steps in your program.  As you progress, we'll connect by phone to transition you through the program phases to achieve all your fitness goals!

Choose your starting point based on your primary goal - and we'll build your program together as you progress.

Drop Body Fat

Dropping body fat and improving body composition requires a combination of targeted workouts, individualized nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Get started on your journey with our Fat Loss Program.  Discover how to calculate your nutrition requirements, track your meals easily, develop healthy habits and see results!

The workouts involve a combination of weight training and high intensity interval training to optimize the after-burn effect. 

Build Lean Muscle

Hypertrophy training not only helps you build lean muscle - it also helps you burn body fat!  As you increase your lean muscle mass, your metabolic rate increases as well, improving your overall fat burning capacity.

Your nutrition plan is geared towards muscle recovery and growth - taking on the calorie surplus required to support new lean muscle.


The workouts are geared to hypertrophy and includes a large repertoire of exercises, ranging from large compound movements (e.g. deadlifts and bench press) to smaller isolation movements, using a combination of barbell, dumbbell, cable and body weight work.  Discover how to maximize your workout time for muscle growth!

Build Healthy Habits

Discover a healthy lifestyle by building sustainable healthy habits in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stretching, and cardiovascular activity.

This program includes coaching and habit building practice for core nutrition and exercise strategies.  

Workouts are geared towards beginners working to introduce exercise and movement to daily life - and can be modified for more advanced warriors!

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