Outdoor Training

Ontario is now OPEN for outdoor personal training sessions!

Warriors have trained outside for centuries - now is the time to get active and drop that COVID weight - summer doesn’t last long so let’s make the most of it.


Check out our Warrior worthy collection of outdoor personal and small group training options.

All workouts can be adapted to any exercise level.

Outdoor Personal Training


Discover all the power of our 1:1 studio training in the great outdoors!

Our 1:1 and 2:1 training sessions provide customized 1-hour workouts

designed around your health and fitness goals.

Get all the benefits of our studio training - right now before the gyms open.

Think that training outdoors isn't challenging enough?

You haven't tried outdoor training - Warrior style! 

1:1 sessions   $60 - $70 / hour session (depending on package)

2:1 sessions    $105 / hour session

Locations: outdoor locations around the Village, Woodbine Beach, Cherry Beach


Socially Distant Group Training

Join a group of up to 9 warriors plus your trainer - and we'll spread out in a physically distant way to take on a workout together.

All equipment included.  Outdoor locations around the Village, Woodbine and Cherry beach.  Choose "Buy" to see times and locations.


$25.00 / 60 minute session

SAVE 10% with a Outdoor 5 Pack ($22.50 / session)



Online Personal Training

Don't let what's going on around you impact your goals!

You're locked out of your gym for the pandemic - don't backtrack on the gains you've made!

Have more time on your hands and want to get started living a healthier life?

Discover the power of Online Personal Training!

This isn't "doing an online workout" from YouTube or Instagram!

This is 1:1 personal coaching and training using online tools to achieve your specific goals!

Online Personal Training provides Personalized Exercise Programs based on your unique goals, combined with online coaching & support.  Get moving on your goals NOW!

What's Included

  • Goal setting video call

  • Personalized exercise program, updated as you progress towards your goals 

  • Video critiques for your exercises

  • Weekly telephone / video check-in with your Trainer

  • Healthy Living Warrior Training App

  • Unlimited messaging with your Trainer

  • Cardio program recommendations

  • Stretching program recommendations

  • Nutrition coaching / macronutrient planning

  • Macronutrient monitoring

  • Weigh-ins, progress pictures, measurements

  • Chief-Ass-Kicker services for motivation & support

  • Warrior Accountability Group Space

Online Training Rates

Personalized Online Personal Training programs are available for $30 - $50 per week.  

Hybrid programs that are primarily delivered online, with additional 1:1 training sessions can also be created. 

Book your free consultation to create your breakthrough package with a personal trainer.  

How It Works

Your personalized program (exercise, stretching, cardio, nutrition) is loaded into the Healthy Living Warrior Training App.  You complete and track the workouts on your own and check in weekly with your trainer by phone to review progress and take on any program modifications.


Your trainer is available daily for questions and check-ins as needed - just message in the Warrior Training App.  


1:1 Personal


We aren't a gym - in fact - no gym membership is required.

We aren't about "exercise" - exercise is random and unlikely to produce the results you're looking for.

Healthy Living Warrior IS ass-kicking personal training and coaching for breakthrough results.

What's your goal?

  • improve overall fitness

  • gain strength

  • increase lean muscle

  • improve endurance

  • release weight and shed body fat

  • improve flexibility

  • move better

  • improve sport performance

Together, we create a program to realize breakthrough results for your goals!

All Healthy Living Warrior programs include personalized exercise programs, nutrition coaching, fitness testing, progress monitoring, and access to the Healthy Living Warrior Training App.

What's Included

  • Fitness assessment & goal planning session

  • Program design

  • 60 minute 1:1 personal training sessions

  • Cardio program recommendations

  • Stretching program recommendations

  • Nutrition coaching / macronutrient planning

  • Macronutrient monitoring

  • Program monitoring, check-ins & reassessments

  • Healthy Living Warrior Training App

  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer

  • Chief-Ass-Kicker services for motivation & support

Your program design includes solo workouts for you to do on your own between our sessions.

Personal Training Rates

1:1 Personal Training packages range from $60 - $70 per 60 minute session.

For breakthrough results, we recommend 2-3 session with your trainer each week.


Book your free consultation to create your breakthrough package with a personal trainer.  

How It Works

Warriors train downtown inside the Hone Fitness gym at Yonge & Issabella.  1:1 personal training sessions can be arranged at any Hone Fitness studio, no gym membership required.

Your additional solo workouts / cardio / etc. can be completed at any facility you choose. 

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