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1:1 Personal Training

1:1 Trainig

Discover ass-kicking, result-based personal training and coaching designed to create breakthrough results in your strength, endurance, body image and self confidence goals!

Train online, in person, or take a combination approach.  You get a personalized program including exercise, cardio, stretching, nutrition, along with accountability structures and coaching to achieve breakthrough results for your goals!


The Process

Step 1: Book a Free Consult

Click to schedule a call where we'll learn about you and your goals 

Step 2: We Design Your Plan

Together we create your personal plan based on your goals, fitness level, injuries, training commitment and schedule 

Step 3: You Better Werk

Train hard, build new habits and breakthrough barriers - with your coach and on your own

Step 4: Slay Your Goals 

Release a stronger and fitter you onto the world stage

All Personal Training Programs include

  • Fitness assessment & goal planning session

  • Mobility, stability and movement assessments

  • Mobility, stability and movement clinics

  • Personalized exercise program*

  • Personalized cardio program

  • Personalized stretching program

  • Personalized macronutrient nutrition program

  • Macronutrient monitoring

  • Nutrition education materials

  • Weigh-ins, progress pictures & measurements

  • Program monitoring, check-ins & reassessments

  • Healthy Living Warrior Training App

  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer

  • Chief-Ass-Kicker services for motivation & support

*Including solo workouts for between your trainer sessions

How It Works

For breakthrough results, we recommend 2-3 sessions with your trainer each week.

Training sessions are held at

  • Hone Fitness at Yonge & Issabella (no membership required)

  • Church Street area parks, green spaces & school yards

Take on additional solo workouts & cardio sessions at any facility you choose.

How Do You Want to Train?

1:1  Training - In Person


Train in studio or outdoors 1-on-1 in person with your trainer

Flexible session pricing

scale up or down depending on your needs and schedule

60 minute sessions

1 / week @ $80 

2 / week @ $75 / session

3 / week @ $70 / session

4 / week @ $65 / session

Currently Full

1:1 Training - Virtual


Train at home 1-on-1 virtually with your trainer

Flexible session pricing

scale up or down depending on your needs and schedule

60 minute sessions

1 / week @ $80 

2 / week @ $75 / session

3 / week @ $70 / session

4 / week @ $65 / session

Online Personal Training


Train on your own wherever you choose and check-in for a weekly coaching call to review progress and adjust your program

$200 / month

Hybrid online with in person sessions are also available.

Special Introductory Offer


Experience the Warrior Lifestyle before selecting your program!

4 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions, scheduled over 2 weeks for $160
(Save 50% over cost of 4 individual sessions)


  • 1 x Initial Fitness Assessment, Goal Setting, & Mobility Assessment session

  • 1 x Nutrition review & planning session

  • 2 x 1-hour personal training sessions to kick-start your program

Currently Full

Questions ???


Not sure what program is right for you? 

Would some other combination of online and in-person  training support you to achieve your goals?


Book a Free Consult with your trainer for a 30 - 40 minute video call to explore how we can support you to achieve your health and fitness goals and to create your breakthrough package. 


Group Training

Warrior Group Training

If you like working out in a group - check out our Group Training Classes - register with your friends or come out and meet new people!

Outdoor classes will resume in Spring 2023!

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