Healthy Living Warriors

Building a Healthy Life through


Who are Healthy Living Warriors?

Healthy Living Warriors - we’re a community committed to causing breakthroughs in strength, endurance, body image and self confidence for ourselves and everyone around us!


Healthy eating and fitness are opportunities for us to discover our bodies, to learn new things, to take on challenges, to get stronger, and most of all - to have fun!    

We’re building an LGBTQ positive spaces for people of all shapes and abilities to take on healthy living.


Wherever you’re starting, whatever your fitness goals are - the Warrior Tribe is your community - here to support you at every step!

Thoughts from the CAK (Chief Ass-Kicker)

I'm CJ - a Healthy Living Warrior.   I spent my teens and 20s  battling body image, self esteem, and emotional eating issues, and trying to work up enough strength and courage to come out.  It was a long lonely process - and wildly unsuccessful for the most part.  

I tried diets - programs - books - you name it - and nothing worked... they all made sense in theory - but weren't workable for me in every day life. 

In a desperate attempt to break through (and "out") - I signed on with a personal trainer - determined to get results.  Results started to show - my confidence grew.  I came out EVERYWHERE, in a "with sparkles" kind of way.   

Things I discovered along the way:

  • "I" will always be my own most limiting factor

  • The power of coaches & community in pursuing goals

  • Life is happier when we are fully self expressed - and we can be fully self expressed RIGHT NOW - in whatever shape we are

  • Working out is a passion for me

  • I wanted to empower and make a difference for my community

  • Life can be all rainbows and unicorns!

Certified as a Personal Training Specialist and a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach, I created Healthy Living Warrior from my personal journey.  Incorporating the learnings from all the things I did wrong and discovered along the way, along with the best of exercise and nutrition science, to empower people on their journey. 

I'm here - as one member of the Tribe - to lead, motivate, challenge, push, and empower you to live your best life!  Together - we are a Tribe of Healthy Living Warriors - a community - a team!  We will support each other on our individual journeys.  We will all win our healthy living goals together!  

The next step is yours - declare yourself a Healthy Living Warrior - and dive in with us!