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Create a POWERFUL plan to

achieve your GOALS in 2020

Join our online work-shop to discover how to create POWERFUL goals and action plans for 2020!

Follow along each day with a new exercise so you are ready to kick off your life on January 1.

Already know what you want to create?  Check out our TRAINING and NUTRITION pages for Healthy Living Warrior Programs that can support you in achieving your goals!

Completing the Year that Was 2019!

Before we create goals for 2020, we want to POWERFULLY complete 2019.  We can't build new goals and actions on top of "stuff" that happened (or didn't happen) in 2019. 

Check out the Completion Video and get complete with 2019 today!

Values & Aspirations

Next, we'll discover newly our personal values that will guide your choices in 2020.

And, we'll take on brainstorming all the things we might like to take on during 2020 - no matter how big - or if we know how it would go... just list EVERYTHING you would want to take on if you could!

Sorting & Structuring

Today we'll go through and create plans for all the stuff you know how to do! It's all about getting your goals into a structure so you can get moving on them. Tomorrow, we'll take on "unfolding" the stuff you don't know how to do yet!

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