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Prescription to Get Active

Healthy Living Warrior is proud to participate in the

Prescription to Get Active Program

The Prescription to Get Active program is committed to improving the health of Canadians through regular physical activity - as a preventative way to impact future disease. 


The program provides resources to doctors and healthcare teams to educate patients on the importance of physical activity AND creates partnerships with recreation facilities to provide accessible spaces for people to get started getting active in their communities.


By participating in the program, you'll receive a Prescription that can be redeemed at participating recreation facilities (including Healthy Living Warrior) for an introductory program to start to experience getting more active!

Prescription to Get Active Program Offer

Redeem your Prescription to Get Active with Healthy Living Warrior to receive FREE:

 - Introductory Getting Started Call 
 - 1-hour Fitness Assessment, Facility Orientation, and Goal Setting Session
 - 3 x 1-hour 1:1 personal training sessions
 - a program designed to be used after the Prescription to Get Active sessions end 

During your sessions, we will review and create a program designed to support your continued participation in active living after your Prescription to Get Active sessions end. 

All participants are encouraged to use their post Prescription to Get Active program on their own in either at-home workouts / low-cost commercial gym / community recreational facilities / condo gyms / etc.  Participants may choose the support of an in person or online personal trainer where they feel that will be beneficial. 

Have a prescription to redeem with Healthy Living Warrior?
Click below to book your Getting Started Call!

Want to learn more about the Prescription to Get Active Program?

Check out their website here!

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