Transforming LGBTQ

Food Culture

Healthy Living Warrior is proud to support

conversations and projects to transform our

community's relationship with food

Human beings have a complex relationship with food - and that relationship varies from culture to culture - and across different communities. The LGBTQ community has various, complex relationships with food and drink - and how food links to body image and community acceptance. 

Imagine a world where the entire LGBTQ community are empowered to make healthy food choices, be fully self expressed in their participation in the community.  Every member of our community is creating healthy choices, and sharing those choices powerfully with others in the community. 


Together, we have transformed the relationship between our community members and food from one of habit or shame to one of energy and empowerment!

Community projects will be created soon in the areas of: 

Food Conversations

Opportunities for conversations & learning around healthy eating, cooking, and body image are created in Toronto's Gay Village, including a regular Meet-up Conversation Group

Meal Prep Mobs

Opportunities for members of the community to join together for cooking and conversation - we'll prepare and share a healthy meal together while building healthy habits

Learning Resources

Information designed for the LGBTQ community, including posters, pamphlets, and connections / referral sources for community conversation groups is widely available in the Toronto Gay Village on the topics of Sustainable Healthy Eating Practices, Food Culture and Body Image

Online Resources

Online resources, including a website of information materials and online conversation group(s) around Healthy Eating, Food Culture, and Body Image are available for those outside of the Toronto downtown area

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