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There is Another Whey!

Discover the power of plant-based sport nutrition

with Healthy Living Warrior

Raising awareness with Personal Trainers and Fitness Enthusiasts around plant-based sport nutrition.  All natural, plant-based alternatives to whey protein supplementation exist.

Check out the articles that bring together science, popular culture, and individual experiences to build a current profile of plant-based sport nutrition options that could help you reach your maximum potential!

Feel free to share articles and your personal experiences with CJ at for inclusion.


Plant-based Protein


Protein doesn't have to come from animal sources to be effective. Here are 5 myths about plant-based protein you need to get past once and for all!

This article is the starting point for our journey... We're going to dig into the scientific references and other popular culture reviews of plant based proteins as we work to demystify this emergent area of nutritional science!

Come with an open mind - and a desire to reach your full fitness potential!

Rice vs Whey

Reference #7 from our original Article...

Both whey and rice protein isolate administration post resistance exercise improved indices of body composition and exercise performance; however, there were no differences between the two groups.

The present results suggest that differences in protein composition are of less relevance when protein is consumed in high doses throughout periodized resistance training. Rice protein isolate consumption post resistance exercise decreases fat-mass and increases lean body mass, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, power and strength comparable to whey protein isolate.


Plant vs. Animal

While Dr. Campbell’s research is deeper than the differences between animal and plant based proteins (and an interesting read) - his studies have shown that with the correct formulations, to balance the mix of available amino acids, plant proteins have a response rate equivalent to animal proteins.

Whey & Casein

Check out these primers on the conventional Whey and Casein protein product basics.


Rice vs. Whey (II)

The research continues to build - peer review journals continue to publish on studies that compare plant based and whey proteins - the plants haven't lost one yet! GO HERBIVORES !!!

This study concludes plant-based protein supplementation is not significantly different than whey based. 

At the present time, many of these studies are funded at least in part by plant-based supplement producers - yes - they are trying to profile their products - but the peer review nature of the publications ensures sound methodology and a critical review of the studies! As time continues, these studies will become more and more the norm! Stay tuned for more results!

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