Healthy Eating & Weight Loss - One-on-One

If you're in Toronto or the surrounding area, let's connect and do your Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coaching one-on-one.  We'll schedule education and meal planning sessions at times that are convenient for you.  We can start meal planning and education together in person - so you get the full program in 1 month! 


Month 1

Your One-on-One Program includes:

  • Pre-screening and evaluation

  • Goal setting session

  • Nutrition and healthy eating education & planning sessions

  • Exercise education & planning sessions

  • Program monitoring, check-ins & reassessment

  • Unlimited messaging with your Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

  • Chief-Ass-Kicker services

  • Weekly online community webinar

  • Lifetime access to the Healthy Living Warrior Tribe - a Private Facebook Group for our community of Healthy Living Warriors to access healthy living resources and conversation! 


Ongoing monthly coaching / support programs available - details available from your Trainer after registration!

$400.00 CAD

CJ Tremeer

Personal Training Specialist

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

CAK (Chief Ass-Kicker)

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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