Strength, Endurance

Body Image, Self Confidence

Healthy Living Warrior delivers result-based personal training causing breakthroughs in your strength, endurance, body image and self confidence goals!

Together, we create a personalized program to achieve your goals including: exercise training, nutrition, training app, progress monitoring, accountability & coaching.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

Discover what is possible in your life

when you unleash your inner Warrior!

New Actions = New Results

Are you Exercising or are you Training? 

Exercise is random.  Training is planned, measurable, and progressive.  


Everything in your program - the exercises, intensity levels, rest intervals, and progressions are designed to have you reach your goals!  


If you are looking for breakthroughs in your strength, endurance, body image, and self confidence goals - it’s time to take a new action.


Let Healthy Living Warrior support you to become the strongest, fittest, healthiest version of yourself.  

Unleash your Inner Warrior - NOW

Warrior Training Tip

Do you work your ass off all week - trying to eat healthy and hitting the gym … only to undo those gains on the weekend?

This “two steps forward, one step back” approach to life is what keeps most of us STUCK and frustrated with our healthy living goals.

Download the Healthy Living Warrior Weekend Warrior Survival Guide - 14 pages of tips & tricks to allow you to enjoy your weekend, love life, AND protect the gains you made all week!

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CJ Tremeer

Personal Training Specialist

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

CAK (Chief Ass-Kicker) @ Healthy Living Warrior

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