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and our allies create breakthroughs in strength, body image, healthy habits, and self confidence through personalized exercise & nutrition programs!

Warrior Training

Do you work your ass off all week with clean eating and exercise … only to undo those gains on the weekend?


This “two steps forward, one step back” approach to life is what keeps most of us STUCK and frustrated with our healthy living progress


Download the Healthy Living Warrior Weekend Warrior Survival Guide! 


Discover 14 pages full of tips & tricks to allow you to enjoy your weekend, love your life, AND protect the gains you made all week!

Discover Your Warrior!

Check out this short video to discover what is possible when you unleash your inner Warrior!

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Warrior CJ

I'm CJ - a Healthy Living Warrior.   I spent my teens and 20s battling body image, self confidence, and emotional eating issues, and trying to work up enough strength and courage to come out as gay.  It was a long lonely process - and wildly unsuccessful.


​I tried diets - programs - books - you name it - and nothing worked... they all made sense in theory - but weren't workable for me in every day life.  My break through came when I started working with a Personal Trainer – I discovered new strength, self confidence, and peace with who I really was.  I’m out and proud – and I am a stand for the LGBTQ community to get their health, fitness and well-being! 

I created the Healthy Living Warrior program for the LGBTQ community based on lived experience of community pressures, the confidence it takes to COME out AND BE out – AND the best of exercise and nutrition science.


I’m a certified Personal Training Specialist and Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach by CanFitPro and I’m committed to walk with you on your journey.  We start where you are today.  We set goals together.  We will celebrate accomplishments and blow through your goals!

Healthy Living Warrior is a title and a way of life.   The next step is yours - declare your Warrior status - and dive in with me!

CJ Tremeer

Personal Training Specialist

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach

CAK (Chief Ass-Kicker) @ Healthy Living Warrior

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